New album March 31st, 2023

New album March 31st, 2023

Gettin' Piggy With It 2 will be released on March 31st, 2023. This new album of remixes was made due to the popularity of the last remix album Gettin' Piggy With It (2022). 

Tracks from Gettin' Piggy With It 2 span a breadth of Richtig's electronic albums. With both new and familiar flavours, the new mixes represents some of Richtig's favourite songs. 

"I have been dealing with a fair amount of loss recently, and this project allowed me to tap into some of the joy that was lacking in the more recent material I have been working on. I was really touched by the feedback I received from Gettin' Piggy With It - so this seemed like a natural progression," Richtig said about the new album. 

The album artwork features Richtig's own pet pigs Pepsi and Kola. They are his constant companions while he works on his music, and are pictured sleeping on the floor next to his chair. 


1. Daisies & Roses [Remix] (original version from Second Son)
2. Healing Heart [Remix] (original version from Transition)
3. Breath [Remix] (original version from Boy Smells)
4. Cowboy [Remix] (original version from Boy Smells)
5. Everywhere [Remix] (original version from Severed)
6. Sparks [Remix] (original version from Crave EP)
7. Sundancer [Remix] (original version from Tears For Kyiv EP)
8. Delusion 9 [Extended Mix] (original version from Oppose)
9. Hummingbird [Extended Mix] (original version from Magpie EP)
10. Kingdom of Sadness [Extended Mix] (original version from Kingdom of Sadness EP)

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