Kyle Richtig

Kyle Richtig grew up in Sault Ste. Maire, ON, Canada surrounded by the inspiration of The Group of Seven. The shores of Gitchee Gumee have many tales.

In 1999, Richtig moved to Toronto and ran the Canadian writers site The Smiling Fish and Eye. The site featured poetry, fiction and essays by Canadian only authors. In Toronto he began learning to play the guitar. The Smiling Fish and Eye project ended here.

The next jump was to Whitby, ON where Richtig began writing and recording his first music in 2004. Richtig also began publishing his writing with his first piece landing in the book, Washing the Color of Water Golden. Richtig published his first books (Bakkai, Jade Buddha) here and his first electronic albums Demise and Earth Tones. Here he founded the group Green Tomorrow, a grassroots agency that worked on local environmental sustainability. Richtig also co-founded Inscribed ~ A Magazine for Writers and served as Editor. Like The Smiling Fish and Eye, Inscribed featured poetry, fiction and essays, but also artwork, and this time from international sources.

In 2007, Richtig returned to Sault Ste. Marie and added the publications Stuff My Ear (Canadian Music) and Ulterior: Alternative News. Richtig served on the Algoma Pride board, and started Queer Coffee Nights, a safe space for queer youth. Though wildly successful, the Inscribed project ended in 2009 after four volumes and 25 issues. In this chapter of Sault Ste. Marie life, Richtig wrote the advice column, Employment View From The Tower for SooNews.ca. 

Peterborough was Richtig's next home from 2010 to 2018. At this time Richtig became involved in polyamory issues and ran the blog 3 Men 1 House. He wrote The Job Search Guy column for MyKawartha.ca, began publishing the Brood X series, chapbooks and his first electronic album since 2005, 2018's Second Son

At the end of 2018 Richtig moved to Moncton, NB where he lives, writes and makes music in a 130 year old farmhouse. In Moncton, Richtig began releasing new and old music to streaming services after many years of riding out only on Bandcamp. His music and writing is now enjoyed all over the world. A dream come true for the lonely boy from Dacey Rd.